Lexique d’occitan médiéval

« This lexicon includes 4063 words and expressions. As usual in this field, French is kept as the language of reference. However, French speaking people are generally devoid of any interest in medieval occitan, (a culture that the French have been trying to destroy during 700 years), while this topic interests a lot of people around the world… Actually the philosophy of this little lexicon  is to help for a direct reading of medieval occitan texts for people aware of modern occitan. Therefore, the spelling is to some extent « normalized » according to the modern rules established by Louis Alibert, extended with caution to the medieval language. This procedure is extremely helpful for occitan readers who can like this recognize familiar modern words.

This lexicon is first of all a personal working tool but if it could be helpful for somebody else, I would be very happy. Of course there is no copyright, the goal of all this being to disseminate occitan (here, medieval) culture… There are some bigger dictionaries (eg, Levy’s one, or Bartsch’s « Chrestomatie » in which there is ( pp 449-662) a dictionary of 10,200 words that you can download). Actually, although in every text some difficult words can be found,  the most usual vocabulary of the litterary medieval occitan is finally quite reduced and such a little lexicon is enough for reading many texts…

We used the rules of normalization employed by Ch Camproux, and more extensively Robert Lafont in his book « TROBAR » (1972). This lexic merges several ones whose references are given in brackets:

(L) Robert Lafont « TROBAR », CEO Montpellier, 1972, 1240 words or expressions (BA) P. Bec. Anthologie des troubadours. Coll 10/18, Paris, 1979, 490 words or expressions (BB) Pierre Bec: « Burlesque et obscénité chez les troubadours: le contre-texte au moyen-âge »(Stock 1984) 180 words or expressions (U) ( Les poésies des quatre troubadours d’Ussel. Ed. J. Audiau. Paris, Delagrave, 1922), 164 words or expressions(A) (Poésies du troubadour Guilhem Ademar. Ed. K. Almquist. Uppsala, Almquist and Wiksells Boktryckeri AB, 1951) 130 words or expressions (BM) (Les saluts d’amour du troubadour Arnaut de Mareuil. Ed. P. Bec, Privat, Toulouse, 1961) 74 words or expressions (P) HJ Chaytor: les poésies de Perdigon. Champion, Paris, 1926, 12 words or expressions.(BBT) Poésies complètes de Bertran de Born publiées dans le texte original, avec une introduction, des notes, un glossaire & des extraits inédits du cartulaire de Dalon, par Antoine THOMAS, professeur à la Faculté des lettres de Toulouse,  » Bibliothèque méridionale « , Privat, Toulouse, 1888:  2158 words or expressions (MN) Liber Instrumentorum Memorialium  ou  « Memorial dels Nòbles ». Cartulaire des Guilhems de Montpellier (985-1202), Ed 1884-86 par la Societé Archéologique de Montpellier, 24 words or expressions. (APM) Jean Audiau, la pastourelle dans la poésie occitane du moyen âge, de Boccard, Paris, 1923: 103 words or expressions. Later, dozens of other words found in various texts have been added, but I did no longer indicate the reference.

Interestingly, reference (BB and APM) give a lot of « slang » and « erotic » words that are complementary to the more traditional lexicon of « fin’amors » and BBT is rich in military words… »


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