Les Américains (USA) en Limousin et en Aquitaine (« anciennes régions »)

Number of Americans living in each region, according to 2011 census data.

« Americans are not too keen on central France either. Limousin and Franche-Comté are the other two least-desired regions, each counting only 133 and 155 Americans respectively. Both rural areas with no major cities, these regions see a low number of foreign residents in general. 

Basically Americans don’t seem too fond of La France Profonde unlike their British cousins, who can’t get enough of it. « 



Pour eux, voici :


Why do the Americans go to Paris and the British come to the Dordogne?


« Here, in the Dordogne, and the whole of the Aquitaine, there are very few Americans, and those that are here, are the “quiet Americans”. The ones who quietly settle in and integrate into the community. Who quietly attend the language schools and learn to speak French. And the ones who generally quietly return back ‘home’ every year to spend at least six months back in the States.

But there are many, many British. Recently published figures by the French statistics department revealed that there are 31% more Brits moving permanently to France than there are Maghrebians moving here from Northern Africa to live or to work.

Almost 700,000 Brits have moved to and settled in France and more than half of that again are in the South West – right here in “Dordogneshire” – as the area has become known. »


« The Americans move to Paris (as opposed to ‘France’) because that is where their work takes them but also because Americans move to cities. They move from and to where life is as close as possible to the life they know, where there is life and culture and arts, where there is the exotic and the eccentric, where restaurants and hotels can be judged by their number of stars and where credit cards are readily accepted.

Whereas the British move out of the cities to the countryside. They are moving away from the pressure, the rat race, and the competition with the Joneses next door for the latest 4×4, the acceptance into the posh school, the therapy sessions at the Priory, the children going out in their logo clothes and getting drunk on weekends.  » lire la suite en cliquant sur le lien.

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