Britishs on Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche in Limousin

« Has someone visited, or perhaps lives in or near to St. Yrieix and can say whether it has suffered along with most small towns in France from the recession?

When we originally moved to this part of the Pas de Calais, our town was a thriving bustling little place, but it seems now, that the heart has gone out of it. We still have a very full and bustling market on a Thursday, but shops seem to come and go.

As a Medieval town, with so many facilities being advertised, one wonders if the town is still as bustling as it was made out to be. They do have the advantage of being in an area which always seems to be popular and of course, the weather is warmer . » (2014)



« The eateries in Limoges sound absolutely fantastic. Having spent most of my life living abroad and 10 years at sea, accompanying my husband – I long for some authentic curries, Thai, Japanese, Chinese and any other foreign food. We don’t even have a MacDonald’s and after having to cook day in and day out – a takeaway even a MacDonald’s – sometimes, would be sheer bliss & this is from one who hasn’t eaten a MacDonald’s for years and years.

Patti, are there any good eateries where one could go for a decent dinner (doesn’t need to be haute cuisine) oh, and what I would give for some decent fish and chips!

Now, to start thinking about what to cook tonight……………. »



Nice place in a nice area with Pompadour and all points south not too far away

It used to be a centre for livestock auctions which helped the economy

Always an enjoyable place to visit tho’ not blessed with a great choice of restaurants in my humble opinion…


« Yes there is a Super U in Nexon about 15mins away, and also a Netto and Super U mini in St Yrieix. I don’t know of anyone in St Yrieix who decamps to warmer climes, they all seem to stay put year round except for visits to family and friends back in the UK. Perhaps people with holiday home in Brittany and Spain purchased there properties in the 90’s when it was still very cheap to buy. People I know in St Y do not have second homes and stay year round. And as mentioned by someone else, there is a large swimming/fishing lake and campsite a mile from centre villa but I was under the impression most towns in France have these facilities.

It is surviving rather than thriving I would say….shops have closed but some new ones have opened and stayed open. The region is mainly farming so not a lot of money around, but the town is very well served with a nice library, cinema (with English movie nights). And of course Limoges is only 45 mins away  »


« We have had a house in the centre of town for 10 years. The mayor sits in Parliament and has received a lot of funding from Brussels and has spent a lot doing up the old town and the cobbled streets have all been re-done. It is a busy town, and aside from the Lycée there is a new wing to the hospital that has just been completed. The market is only on the 2nd and 4th Friday’s and there are some closed shops but during the tourist season they are taken over by local artists. During the summer there are art exhibitions and concerts galore. There is a local English Club (Connect) and there are always events (Petanque, chess clubs, etc) and outings arranged the most recent being Cognac. A Lidl opened up a couple of years ago and there is a large Intermarche and Casino supermarket. It is quieter in the winter months but there is still plenty going on with Connect.  »


« We have relocated from the UK to a large country property in France near St Yrieix la Perche with our 7 rescue dogs and rescue chickens. I am Australian but have been living in the UK for 30 years and my partner is British. The property is in good condition but we are still establishing the garden and vegetable plot to suit my plans, and assistance with the animals from time to time. We also have a huge barn and stable building ripe for renovation. The location is beautiful set amongst farmland and orchards, with undisturbed views and peace, but only 5 km away from the nearest medieval town of St Yrieix with all the facilities you need. We are also only an hour from Limoges. »


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